105 The Ride, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 7DL

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Primary 1

Head of Department:  Sharon Ross

Located on the main site Primary 1 has 3 classes; Poppy, Bluebell, and Daisy.

What do we offer?

  • Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 attend full time
  • Children are supported by staff who are committed to supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
  • High levels of staffing ensure children are safe.
  • Staff expertise enables children to develop the build on the skills they require to continue on their educational journey.

 We follow the main school curriculum which is a topic-based curriculum that is split into different areas of learning over 3 levels depending on our pupils’ individual needs. 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3 

We have a kitchen where we do some small group cooking activities, a shared darkroom, and two new outside play areas where we like to do some of our learning as well as playtime.

Our learning experiences are enhanced through a multi-sensory approach that is tailored to meet our individual needs.  We all love to explore, have fun while we learn, and experience lots of new and exciting activities.  Our classrooms are very stimulating and we have lots of exciting toys and multi-sensory resources to play with.

We work on early communication skills with all pupils using a range of differentiated AAC strategies such as PODD, PECS, Eye gaze systems and Makaton.

In Poppy Class we use a multi-sensory approach to teaching and we enjoy using our senses to explore and learn about the world around us. Our classroom is set up in different areas of learning including a floor area to work on our physical skills, sensory boxes, book corner, creative & messy play, ICT, switch, and computer areas. We also have a dark room where we can work on our visual programs and cause and effect skills. We try to incorporate as much physical activity as possible throughout our day whilst we are learning. We work really hard to develop our communication and interaction skills, from showing responses to a wider range of stimuli to developing our understanding that we can affect other people’s behaviour through our actions, and learning how to say yes and no. A wide range of teaching strategies is employed including using consistent routines, Intensive Interaction approaches, co-active working, object cues, early AAC.

In Bluebell Class we learn through topics differentiated to meet all of our individual needs. As well as learning together as a whole class, we split into small groups to make the most of the different ways in which we learn enabling us to concentrate on our individual skills. We have lots of fun learning through play as well as focused activities. We work hard on our communication skills using a variety of different strategies such as eye gaze, early AAC including Makaton and PODD, and our Physical skills are incorporated throughout our day.

Daisy class is a very active and enthusiastic class. We learn best through exciting, attention building activities aimed to support us in practising our concentration, communication, and turn-taking skills, as well as learning through termly topics. We like a lot of structure and strive for lots of adult modeling to support our development. We love to talk! Communication is really important to us, so we keep practicing early AAC through Makaton, PODD, PECS. During our lunchtime, you will often see us practicing physical skills such as climbing, running, and riding bikes and scooters and it is great fun!

Head of Department:  Sharon Ross

We place a high emphasis on developing our pupils’ learning through physical activities, literacy strategies, and personal skills and we work hard to promote as much independence as possible for each of our children.