105 The Ride, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 7DL

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Who's who

Executive Headteacher: Gail Weir 

Head of School : Laura Keating       

Deputy Headteachers : Deniz Oguz (main site), Charlotte Millward  (Honilands and Bell Lane)

Schools Business Manager: Helene Bacchus

Site Manager: Simon Hall

Waverley@Bell Lane           

Head of Department: Helena Sullivan and Maria Ingrao

Teacher:  Paula Hurrill 

Teacher: Dagmara Dowgird

Nursery Nurse:  Jennie Tabor

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Jessica Mackie

Support staff:  Olga Rojas Jimenez, Palmira Roginska Sabharwal, Lorena Bonaventura, Chelsea Clarke Worroll, Vicky Allwright, Saffiyah Dilmohamud, Adriana Albu, 

Playleaders: Jade Walsh


Head of Department: Helena Sullivan and Maria Ingrao

Teachers: Jade Rustean, Helena Sullivan, Maria Ingrao

Nursery Nurse: Hannah Oswick, 

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Nikki Dalton

Support staff: Wendy Amos, Joseph Roberts, Monika Piotrowska,  Sarah Webster,  Minu Kavia, Kayla Radcliffe, Maria Nazarek, Hadjila Allouani, Shannon Healy, 

Playleaders: Afua Acheampongmaa, Dionne Lawson


Waverley School – Main Site

Primary 1 

Head of department: Sharon Ross                                              

Teachers: Graham KingsburySanem Salt, Sharon Ross

Support Staff: Charmaine Leaback, Jasmin Thompson, Sheldon Benson, Barry Stewart, Alice Bounce, Beata Rutowska, Andrea Demetriou, Lynn Miles, Jodie Skeggs, Nazire Kuran, Farzana Butt,  Michelle Spence, Katie Norbury, Nectaria Damaniou, Gunay Remzi, Claudette Souop 

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Kirsty Protasiewicz, 

Playleader: Guylene Lahaye


Primary 2                                         

Head of department: Nicki Kemp

Teachers: Nicki Kemp, Jahanara BegumKaja Niementowska-Chrysostomou

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Kate Philpott, Laura Barnfield (Monday)

Support Staff: Jo Hickman, Lucy Jinks, Natalie Bluffield, Julie Webster (T), Karen Moss, Lauren Saffrey, Bernadette Palache, Christina Di Marzio, Frere Thein, Rosie France, Stephanie Laws, Camila Manuel, Lucy Jenkins, Kayleigh England


Secondary 3                                        

Head of department: Tracy Walker and Ella Cove 

Teachers: Victoria Moore, Ella Cove, Tracy Walker

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Dawn Reynolds, Rowena Thompson

Support Staff: Lisa Jayne Turner, Alice Floyd, Shaneka Whitely, Pauline Hull, Shafinaz JiagooAyesha Siddiqa, Danielle Leaback, Alex Tryfonos, Julia MacAninch, Gemme O'Brien, Lesley Curtis, Karen Atkins, Kelly Bamforth, Lorraine Howard, 

Playleaders: Sue McLean Middleton, Anuska Nowbuth


Secondary 4                                     

Head of department: Gary Smith and Angela Burnett

Teachers: Urszula Waleciuk, Angela Burnett, Gary Smith, Jenny Buck,

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Dee Scarlett, Tosh Ibrahim, 

Intervenor: Eden Lai Kit                        

Support Staff:

 Mandy Kempton,  Glen Warby, Koulla Georgiou, Claudia Kabir, Hannah Grimwood, Tulay 

 Lynn Osborn,  Dee Scarlett, Fatma Eroglu, Patricia Alexander, Ayse Belber, Lesley West, Nicola Pearce, 

 Lisa Wall, Nashida Kawsar, Emma Wheeler, Edona Ahmed, Margaret Benjamin, Sharon Ewan


Waverley Outreach: Lorraine Bennett, Angela Burnett

Non-class-based staff

Care Coordinator: Sara Hassan

Art Technician: Elvan Ismail

Medical care assistant: Nelly Chamoun

Lifeguards: Rachel Winter, Kevin McElligott

Music Therapy: Jenny Small 

Our music therapist works 2 days supporting students in 1:1 or small group sessions.

Office manager 

Sheniz Gregory,

Admin staff

Sibel Remzi Dulger, Kate Philpott, Leanne Evans, Savita Sarjoo

Kitchen staff

Esther Hamilton, Angelina Amorosi, Jessica Sorleti,


Chris Toolan, Kevin McElligott

Weekend caretaker: Paul Davies

Norse Cleaners: Afua Acheampongmaa, Sandra Dixon,  Emelia Nyarko, Lorena Larrahondo, Memunatu Koroma, Callum Hassan,  Saida Tarabi, George Twumasi Ankrah

School Governors

Executive Headteacher: Gail Weir

Chair of Governors: Lucille Balcombe

Vice-Chair: Nick Dines

Parent Governor: Michael Artemis, Rupali Bhullar, Jennifer Waite

Co-opted: Lucille Balcombe, Ella Rachamim, Sibel Remzi Dulger,  Fiona Jackson, Shelly Dorffman

Staff Governor: Sharon Ross

Local authority Governor: Nick Dines

Associate members: Helene Bacchus, Charlotte Millward, Deniz Oguz and Laura Keating

SEN Expertise

All our Teachers are encouraged to further their SEN training with this training  our staff are able to provide training and courses for staff, Professionals and Parents;

  • Charlotte Millward; Manual handling trainer, trauma informed practice lead (W@H and W@BL), co-author of The Springboard Curriculum
  • Deniz Oguz; Price trainer
  • Gail Weir; DSL, Safeguard supervision, manual handling trainer, PODD, special yoga practitioner, trauma informed practice lead
  • Laura Keating; Safeguarding trainer, manual handling trainer, curriculum lead pathway 3, 
  • Gary Smith g.smith@waverley-sch.co.uk ; Transition, PE. Careers lead 
  • Helena Sullivan; Masters in Multi-Sensory impairment, manual handling trainer
  • Jennie Tabor; Price trainer
  • Jenny Buck; Price trainer, CAPBS Positive Behaviour Support Coaches Programme, special yoga practitioner
  • Kaja Niementowska Chrysostomou; Curriculum lead pathway 2
  • Lorraine Bennett; Makaton trainer, outreach manager, PHSE, student, and volunteers link person
  • Nicki Kemp; Manual handling trainer, PODD, supporting pupils with Rett syndrome
  • Sara Hassan; Manual handling trainer
  • Sharon Ross; Curriculum lead pathway 1
  • Tracy Walker, Nikki Dalton; Makaton trainers 

Other professionals 

Educational psychology

We purchase educational psychology support from the Enfield Educational Psychology service.  They complete statutory assessments and write reports for Education Health and Care Plans as needed. Claire Collins is currently our allocated EP. 

Teacher for hearing impaired

Katy Clark works with pupils and staff who support pupils with hearing impairments. 

Teacher for the visual impaired

Waverley is supported by Joseph Clark VI service. 

Teacher for the blind and visually impaired 

NHS Staff


 We have a team of physiotherapists who work with the majority of pupils. Programs are written by the therapists and shared with class teams and parents. The physiotherapists may offer a block of therapy to students which are linked to their Education Health and Care Plan. They advise on standers and walkers.

Occupational therapy 

We have a team of occupational therapists. They assess the students for seating to enable correct posture for learning. They support upper limb splinting.

Speech and language therapy 

We have a speech therapy team who also work closely with staff developing effective communication systems for each student. They coordinate high-tech assessments for communications.

Special School Nursing Team 

The SSNT ensures the pupil’s health needs are met while they are at school. They writes care plans and train staff to give non-oral feeds and guide staff in the management of a range of medical needs.


We have a team of specialist community paediatric dieticians who provide a service to the school.  In doing so we have integrated our service and worked closely with the speech and language therapist around aspects of swallowing problems and with the class teachers and teaching assistants around updating feeding regimes and any feeding concerns raised.  They work closely with the parents and carers to ensure they are supported in a timely manner around their child’s feeding and feeding regimes.


A paediatrician delivers clinics at school for pupils who have significant health needs.